POSH-PROJECTS Luna Concrete Skin For iPhone 6

Skin For iPhone 6

Specializing in experimental “arts and crafts,” POSH-PROJECTS is a South Korean design team known for its progressive approach and for creating a variety of products in its own unique way. Case in point is the brand’s new collection of tech accessories for 2015, including its Luna Concrete Skin cases for the iPhone 6. Made from concrete, each piece features a one-of-a-kind texture resembling the cratered surface of the moon, adding texture and grip to the protective design, while the brand’s “non-crater” edition offers users the option of a smoother version in the same material. Unique and functional, POSH-PROJECTS’s Luna Concrete Skins for the iPhone 6 are available now — along with a selection of leather card pouches — now at the HYPEBEAST Store.

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