The BlackBerry Classic Makes a Comeback

The BlackBerry Classic Makes a Comeback 1

BlackBerry seems to be making a comeback as of late with the release of their Passport cellphone. Now, the company is set to return to its roots by releasing the BlackBerry Classic, a phone which shifts the focus of solely touchscreen hardware to concentrate on the basics: a physical keyboard with an immense battery life. The phone still retains touchscreen features but a bulk of navigation is to be undertaken by the trackpad. Some additional improvements include a lightning fast web browser, ability to download both BlackBerry and Android apps, and an overhauled operating system. The company is releasing the phone with the tagline ‘We heard you, we built it,’ in hopes to appease the BlackBerry user market and regain some of its previous share lost to competing companies such as Android and Apple‘s iOS. Now retailing for $450 USD, you can pre-order the Classic here.

Author: Christopher Klimovski/Source: ACQUIRE

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